VE Commodore

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VE Commodore 2006-?

Black VE Commodore

The highly-anticipated Holden VE Commodore was launched in 2006 and is the first Commodore model entirely designed in Australia. The VE Commodore features far more sophisticated independent suspension and has an almost 50:50 weight distribution across all models, which gives the car much improved handling.

Holden also introduced a new six-speed GM 6L80-E automatic transmission for the V8 model cars to replace the old four-speed automatic for those particular models. However the four-speed automatic was now relegated to the base models.

The VE Commodore was awarded the Wheels ‘Car of the Year’ award for the fourth time throughout the Commodore range.

Holden VE Commodore Models

The base model naming of Executive and Acclaim were discontinued, to be replaced by the new Omega model. Instead of being purely a base model, the new Omega was more like a mid-way point between the previous base model and mid-range model.

In 2006, the limited edition Commodore V-Series was released. Based on the Omega model, the V-Series featured standard air-conditioning, sports body kit, 17” alloy wheels and rear spoiler.

The limited edition Commodore Lumina was released in June 2007 and was based on a luxury theme. This model included the Berlina grille and the Calais seven-spoke alloy wheels.

The VZ Commodore SV6 was released as a variant of the Omega, but included a more powerful version of the Alloy-tec V6 engine with a six-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. This model also featured a body kit and sports suspension.

The VZ Commodore SS was further upgraded from the SV6 to included a 6.0 litre V8 engine and a 6-speed manual transmission.

The VZ Berlina model features similar styling to the Omega, but includes front fog lamps and 17” seven-spoke alloy wheels. The Berlina also features a luxury-style interior, including an LCD display.

The Calais remained the top of the line and is a blended sports-luxury model. The Calais features the high output Alloytec V6 engine and sports suspension.

While the VZ model was released in two long-wheel base models, being the Statesman and Caprice, these were not badged as being Commodores. These models are purely luxury vehicles. In 2007, the VE Utility was released.

During September 2009 the new 3.0 litre Spark Ignition Direct Injection V6 engine was released as standard for the Omega and Berlina models. The 3.6 litre version of the same engine was reserved for all other V6 models.

The 3.0 SIDI V6 engine was rated as having a power output of 190 kW (250 hp). When compared to the previous Alloytec engines, this was an increase in power output for a far superior fuel economy.

The 3.6 ltre 175 kW (235 hp) Alloytec V6 engine was replaced by the 3.6 litre 210 kW (280 hp) SIDI version engine, which again represented an increase in power output.

The Generation 4 Alloy 6.0 litre 270 kW (360 hp) V8 also represented a significant increase in power output and was released with a 6-speed GM 6L80-E automatic transmission, or a 6-speed Tremec T-56 manual transmission.

Specification Levels

The VE Commodore was available in the following specification levels:
- Commodore
- 9C1 Police Pack
- Berlina
- Calais
- Calais-V
- Executive
- Lumina
- Omega
- SS
- SS-V
- SV6
- V-Series