VP Commodore

Produced the following years:
1991 1992 1993

VP Commodore 1991-1993

Red VP Commodore

The Holden VP Commodore was released in 1991 and although there were very few differences in appearance from its predecessor, there were substantial refinements and upgrades to engineering and equipment inclusions.

Physically, the change to a translucent acrylic grille to the front of the base model Executive VP differentiated it from the earlier VN model.

However, the Semi-trailing arm independent rear suspensions was added as a standard inclusion in the Calais and SS models and was also included as an optional extra in place of the live rear axle. This change dramatically improved the ride and handling capabilities of the car.

In the VP Caprice and Statesman models, Independent Rear Suspension systems (IRS) had been popular. Upon the release of the VP Commodore in October 1991, the IRS system had been incorporated into all VP models in the range. The IRS was a standard inclusion on the Calais and SS models, while they were an optional extra for the Executive and Berlina models.

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) were introduced as an option for only the Calais and SS models of the VP Commodore, although when the Series II VP was released, the anti-lock brakes were optional across the entire range, including the lower ranges.

The exact same 3.8 litre V6 and 5.0 litre V8 engines were carried over from the VN models, so there were no substantial changes to the engine capacities.

Holden VP Commodore Models

The VP Commodore range included sedans, utes and station wagons from base model right up to top-of-the-line models. The success of the earlier VG utility encouraged Holden to include a ute option in the VP range. The VP model range began at the Executive base range, through to the Vacationer and Berlina mid-range models and on up to the Calais.

The ‘S’ and ‘SS’ sports ranges were once again available, as with the VN model, and the Calais remained the top-range for the VP Commodore.

The Berlina sedan and wagon was released as a limited edition LX Vacationer model in which the air conditioning and power front windows were included as standard features. Other features included cruise control and power antenna as well as specialised wheel covers for the 15” wheels and tyres. Chrome exhaust tailpipes and padded head-rests were also included in the limited edition model.

The VP Calais International Series was released in September 1992 and was designed to be a limited edition release of cars of between 150-300 cars. These were only released in white, black or anthracite grey.

Features included a 5.0 litre V8 engine, ABS, IRS, leather and suede plush interiors, full electrical systems, leather steering wheel and a sports kit designed to make the Calais appear more like the SS and Caprice models.

Power output for the 3.8 litre V6 engine was 127 kW, while the 5.0 litre EFI V8 engine was capable of putting out 165 kW. The 5.0 EFI V8 (HSV) engine was more powerful at 180 kW, while the 5.0 litre EFI V8 (GTS) engine could put out 200 kW of power.

Specification Levels

The VP Commodore was available in the following specification levels:
- Commodore
- Berlina
- Berlina LX
- BT1 Police Pack
- Calais
- Calais International
- Executive
- S
- SS
- Vacationer