VY Commodore

Produced the following years:
2002 2003 2004

VY Commodore 2002-2004

Green VY Commodore

The Holden VY Commodore was released in September 2002 and sported a new exterior look as well as a new interior fit-out. Within a few short months of release, it quickly became an Australian favourite.

The refinements to chassis and on previous mechanical components for the VY meant that it had a new body shape that reduced aerodynamic drag by 4.2%, which reduced fuel consumption significantly out on the open highway.

The rounded front and rear shape of previous models was replaced with a more angular shape. The interior was also made more angular, with the curving dashboard of previous models replaced with a more symmetrical design.

Every model across the VY line featured as standard inclusions cruise control, front power windows and adjustable front seat lumbar support.

The VY Commodore also saw the launch of a new SV8 engine, which was a blend of the super-charged 6 cylinder engine and the V8 engine from the SS. The new SV8 was rated for power output at up to 235 kW (315 hp). To help the car handle better with the increase in power and to balance for high-speed driving, the VY Commodore SS was fitted with 18” inch wheels as standard features for this model.

Holden VY Commodore Models

The base line variant of the VY Commodore remained the Executive model, with the Acclaim as the mid-range. The SS was released as the high-performance sports model, including the new SV8 engine. For a short time, the SS was also released as a limited edition station wagon model, with 850 cars of this specification being released to the public.

In previous models, the Calais had always been the Commodore line’s luxury model, however in the VY line, the Calais became a blend of sports-luxury styling. New wheels, trims and decals gave the Calais a more aggressive, sporty look, while all the luxury fittings expected of the top-end Holden range were still included.

In December 2002, the limited edition Commodore Lumina was launched in a choice of 6 paint colours (Heron white, Delft blue, Shanghai red, Turbine grey, Phantom black, and Quicksilver.

In May 2003, the limited edition Commodore VY Equipe was also released, and in October 2003 the 25th Anniversary Commodore was also released.

While the 3.8 litre 152 kW V6 engine from previous models remained the same, the big Generation III V8 engines saw increases in power output.

The 5.0 litre EFI V8 was rated for power output at 245 kW at 5600 rpm, while the 5.7 litre HSV V8 was at 285 kW at 5800 rpm.

During the Series II launch, the Holden VY Adventra was also released, which included an electronically-controlled all-wheel drive system. This was a raised VY wagon that was only available in the Generation III 5.7 litre 245 kW V8 engine, with an automatic transmission as standard.

The 2-door VY Ute was also released as part of this line, however it was not badged as a Commodore. The 4 door Crewman Ute was also released, along with a VY One Tonner cab chassis utility vehicle.

Specification Levels

The VY Commodore was available in the following specification levels:
- Commodore
- 25th Anniversary
- 9C1 Police Pack
- Acclaim
- Berlina
- Berlina International
- Calais
- Equipe
- Executive
- Lumina
- S
- SS
- SV8